sábado, 23 de mayo de 2015

Tazones de mierda

A los bienaventurados y gentes de buena voluntad...

Let me tell you a story, Tommy. The first day I became mayor, they set me down at the desk, big chair and dark wood, lots of beautiful things. I'm thinking, "how much better can it get?" There's a knock at the door in the corner of the room, and Pete comes walking in carrying this gorgeous sieve silver bowl, hand chased. It was this big. "It's from the unions," he says. So I think it's a present, something to commemorate my first day as mayor. And he walks over, puts it on a desk. I look down at it. It's disgusting. I say, "what the hell is this?" He said, "what the hell's it look like?" I said, "it looks like shit. Well, what do you want me to do with it?" He says, "eat it. " "Eat it?" He says, "yeah. You're the mayor. You gotta eat it. " So, OK. It was my first day, and Pete knows more than I do. So I go at it. And just when I finish, there's a knock on the door. And in walks Pete carrying another silver bowl, and this one's from the blacks. "This, too?" And he nods. I start eating. And when I'm finished, there's another knock and another bowl. This one's from the pollacks. Then after that, one from the ministers. And you know what, Tommy? That's what it is. You're sitting eating shit all day long, day after day, Year after year. When I realized that, I decided being a downtown lawyer and seeing my family every night made for a fine life. Just a fine life.

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David dijo...

Ya decía yo que me sonaba...Pero bueno, también estaba el otro político en la serie (ahora no recuerdo nombre) que era un auténtico crack y que supongo que haría que los demás comieran tazones de mierda por él mientras él se forraba.